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Your Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows REMAX Lifestyles Realty area contact is Jim Williams-Peter Dushop RE/MAX LifeStyles Realty Maple Ridge to view real estate, condos for sale, townhouses for sale, apartments for sale, acreages for sale, new homes for sale and farms for sale.
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Maple Ridge Horse Capital Of BC

Maple Ridge has over 70 km of horse trails , going through forests, by lakes and on dykes. The horse trails vary in difficulty for the beginner and seasoned rider. The following four trails leave from the main horse corral in Golden Ears Park. North on 232nd Street, East on Fern Cres to Park Entrance, the first left turn inside the park gates. Head North on the trail that lies in the northwest corner of the main corral area and choose one of the following trails.

Map Of Horse Trails

Allco Loop

Easy trail, 10 km round trip, 1 hour. Turn right at the first fork in the trail, onto Alouette Lake Trail. After coming through the gully, watch for traffic as you will be crossing the parks highway. Keep following the trail until you reach a Y-intersection at Mike creek. Take the right fork and then turn right again onto a old railway bed. Keep following the trail which, after a few miles, will lead to the South Alouette River. Once across the river pick up the trail again and stay to the left of the rail fence through Allco Park. As you leave Allco Park turn right onto Alouette Rd, turn right onto 128th Ave where you will cross a small bridge and pick up the trail on the right between the last two driveways. Continue on to the next crossing of the South Alouette River. Once you have made the crossing, slow down as you will be crossing Fern Cresent on a poor visibility curve. Pick up gravel trail on the opposite side of the road and follow it to the intersection of Mill Street, where you will turn right. A few blocks along Mill Street, on the right hand side, you will find Mill Creek Trail which will take you back to your starting point the main corral.

Allouette Lake Loop

Easy trail, 18 km round trip, 2-3 hours Turn right at the first fork in the trail onto Alouette Lake Trail. After coming through the gully watch for traffic as you will be crossing the main Parks highway. Keep following the trail until you reach a Y intersection at Mike creek. Take the left fork and cross the bridge onto a well marked trail, continue on this trail for quite a distance before reaching a gravel service road where you will notice a large rock on your right. You now have two choices.1/ Continue straight ahead, following the trail for approximately five minutes to reach the Alouette Lake Corral . OR 2/ Turn right at the large rock. This will take you to a service road, then through a gravel pit and down the South Alouette River. (If you reach a paved road you have missed the trail.) The river is a good watering point . Watch for culvert pipe a few feet out from shore. after crossing the river follow the trail and turn right when it ends at the BC Hydro Rd. Continue for approximately half a block before you reach the gate. There is a horse bypass to the left if the gate is locked. Just after passing the jail, turn right into the field and follow that trail to Alouette Road. Once again, you now have two choices. 1/ Go down Alouette Road and then follow instructions from the end of the Allco Loop Trail. 2/ Turn right into Allco Park and pick up the trail to the right of the service road gate. Cross the river then follow the trail to Mike Creek where you go uphill to the left at the Y intersection and retrace the Alouette Trail Back to Main corral.

Allouette Lake Loop

Hard trail 12 km round trip 2-3 hours Trail with lots of uphill grades. Horses should be fit or given frequent rest periods. Turn left at the first fork in the trail , then shortly after take the fork to the right. From here you start on the uphill climb. When you reach the service road you have two choices. 1/ Turn left to Mike Lake corral. OR 2/ Turn right and follow the service road down to a gate which is usually open. Caution! Watch for traffic on the service road. Just pass the gate, the horse trail resumes on the right for a few blocks and then crosses the road. Once across the road, continue following the trail back to the corral. Go straight ahead at all forks. A mile or so before the Corral you will cross the main parks highway

Menzies Trail And Lake Lookout Trail

Moderately easy trail 6 km round trip . Drive approximately five kms, into Golden Ears Park and turn left onto a road marked to the Park Headquarters, The road will fork and you will find the parking area to the right at the top of the hill near the headquarters fence. From the parking lot travel downhill to the fork in the road. A few meters from the gate you will find the beginning of the trail on the north (right) side of the road. It is marked by a sign Menzies Trail/ Alouette Lake Lookout. At the beginning the going is rough and with sharp inclines, then it quickly evens out and the footing improves but continues to climb. After approximately half and hour you will come across a fork in the trail where you will continue straight ahead to Menzies Creek and past a waterfall. About five minutes past the creek the trail starts to descend. Approximately ten minutes past the falls you will come across a wood-walled trail made from massive timbers. Approximately five minutes later you will pass a small creek, from there the trail climbs through open forest to lake Lookout. Admire the view and return the same way or take the first fork to the right, about five minutes north of the lookout. This fairly steep loop trail drops down to the park road, then crosses road onto the Alouette Valley Trail. Turn right and ride about 1.5 km. back to the turn-off , then cross the park road again- it seems like a narrow Y on the right. don't miss it. Then re-cross the park road to reach the park headquarters once again.

Thornhill Trail & Happyvalley Trail & Rainbow Ridge Trail Loop

Easy trail 18 km round trip 1 to 1.5 hours. The trails are intermixed with quiet road shoulder trails. Travel East on Lougheed Highway, north on 272nd street to 108th ave (approximately 3kms). Parking is limited to road shoulder on 108 ave (west of 272nd street) or on the wide shoulder of 272nd street on the west side of the road. Head west on 108 ave which turns to gravel within a few blocks. At the end of 108th ave pick up the Thornhill Trail taking the left fork (south). after crossing a small wooden bridge. keep to the left fork and from here you start a steady climb for approximately1/2 km. Keep to the main trail which will lead you out onto 100 ave turn east (left) and use the road shoulder trail. Follow the road around a right hand bend onto 268th street for one block before turning left onto the continuance of 100 ave heading east. At the bottom of 272nd street, use caution as 272nd is a busy road at times. Head south (right) onto 272nd street for one block to find Bell Ave on your left. Follow Bell Ave around and onto276th street which dead ends . Here you pickup Happy Valley Trail to gain access to the northerly road section of 276 street. After one block on 276th street (above the trail) you will intersect with 104th ave. Turn right right (east) on 104th ave for one block before turning left onto 277th street . You are now heading north again and at the end of 277nd street you will connect with Rainbow Ridge Trail that will lead you back to 272nd street and 108th ave where you started.

Blue Mountain Trail

Moderately difficult 15 km round trip 2 to 3.5 hours East on Dewdney Trunk Rd, north on McNutt Rd 3kms, northwest on Blue Mountain Cres. on your right, which leads to parking lot. This area is also used extensively by dirt bikers Great deal of rocky terrain and horses must be shod. Ride north up McNutt Rd , following the hydro line, take the second road to the left - this well used road will take you around the edge of Blue Mountain. Many side roads can be explored but be aware of dirt bikes in the area. The trail is steep and will lead you to a viewpoint overlooking Alouette Lake and the Fraser Valley. Here the road ends for vehicles however a narrow steep path continues southwest through the trees, down the south face to connect with another rocky trail. Follow this down to a level trail, go left 2kms to Butt Trail on the right. This drops down under hydro lines to Nelson Rd where a left turn takes you back to the parking lot.

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Downsizing And Preparing To Be A Retired Senior!

Who said anything about slowing down as you approach retirement? Now is the time to "rediscover" other enjoyments in your life. Doing less when you retire is a thing of the past as baby boomers adjust to a new lifestyle changes. One of the changes they go through is down sizing, we can help. We can provide you with a list of retirement properties in Maple Ridge. If you have a home to sell we can help you there too. Just click here and we will contact you.

Fixer-Uppers To Fix, Flip, Rent Or Live In!

Buying a REMAX Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Real Estate fixer-upper you need to have the knowledge of an experienced realtor, such as myself. I have been selling fixer-uppers for 39 years. I know what to look for, so your renovations are profitable. Fill out the form, I will contact you and go over what constitutes a viable fixer-upper. Provide you with a list of Maple Ridge Real Estate homes and the sale price you can expect fixed up. Click here to start your search.