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Your Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows REMAX area contact is Jim Williams RE/MAX LifeStyles Realty for residential houses, apartments, townhouses, condos, duplexes, acreages and farms..

Blue Heron Heronry

The Great Blue heron are a common site around Maple ridge & Pitt Meadows. These prehistoric looking birds nest communally in large deciduous trees. Nesting herons are easily disturbed by visitors getting to close to their nest site and can result in nest abandonment even when young are still in nest. Heron activity begins in March when adults begin claiming nests. They are most visible before the leaves are on the trees. Once the young are born, adult herons can be observed all day long entering and leaving the colony. Viewing will usually continue to late July. From Lougheed Hwy in Pitt Meadows go North on Harris Road, East on Dewdney Trunk Rd, turn right on 210th street, left into parking lot. Enter Alouette Dyke and look across the Alouette river and see the heronry which is on private property.

Maple Ridge Real Estate Buyer Guides!

The third step in preparing to buy a home for sale, is to read Canada Mortgage and Housing(cmhc) buyers guide to purchasing a home for sale. Click on the link Maple Ridge Real Estate Buyers Guide. Buying a real estate condo or townhouse, read Canada Mortgage and Housing condo buyer guide. Click on the link Maple Ridge Real Estate Condo/Townhouse Buyers guide. Buying a Maple Ridge acreage for sale, read Canada Mortgage and Housing guide for acreages buyers. Click on the link Maple Ridge Real Estate Acreage Buyers Guide. Buying a new Maple Ridge real estate home from a builder, read Canada Mortgage and Housing how to pick a new home builder. Click on the link Maple Ridge New Home Builder Guide.

Fifty Five Plus!

Who said anything about slowing down as you approach retirement? Now is the time to "rediscover" other enjoyments in your life. Doing less when you retire is a thing of the past as baby boomers adjust to a new lifestyle changes. One of the changes they go through is down sizing, we can help. We can provide you with a list of retirement properties on the lower mainland. If you have a home to sell we can help you there too. Just click here and we will contact you.

Fixer-Uppers To Fix, Flip, Rent Or Live In!

Buying a REMAX Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Real Estate fixer-upper you need to have the knowledge of an experienced realtor, such as myself. I have been selling fixer-uppers for 39 years. I know what to look for, so your renovations are profitable. Fill out the form, I will contact you and go over what constitutes a viable fixer-upper. Provide you with a list of Burnaby Real Estate homes and the sale price you can expect fixed up. Click here to start your search.